For years before the physical building of Light and Life Chapel began, Sherman and Geneva Myles from Lions Head journeyed up and down Hwy 6 many times a week.

They would hold Bible studies in people’s homes, visit the seniors, run children’s clubs and even hold Christmas concerts in the old town hall.  They soon saw the need for a building as the number of people that attended their services grew, and the small congregation bought the land where Light and Life is currently located. They owned the land for a few years and started to build in 1990. 

Pastor Sherman Myles and Geneva continued to minister here at Light and Life until 2000 under the umbrella of Bruce Peninsula Pentecostal  Association. After Pastor Myles resigned from Light and Life chapel the church added it’s affiliation to the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada.

By September of 2000 pastor Dan Miholic and his wife Cathy-Jo along with four children moved to Tobermory .    The church quickly grew continuing to focus their effort on outreach and children’s ministries.   They continued to minister here until March of 2004. 

By June of 2004 the church welcomed pastor Jerry Clubine and his wife Samantha with their three children. The church continued to focus on children’s ministries with the 1st Chi-Cheemauns Scouts Groups and youth groups.  It also continued to work with the other churches in Tobermory getting together for the Chi-Cheemaun services and Remembrance Day services.  Pastor Jerry and his family continued to minister with the congregation until 2009. 

Pastor Austin Gedcke interned here while Light and Life looked for a new pastor.

In July of 2010 pastor Michel Quesnel , his wife Lynda and their two children moved into Tobermory.  Their family soon added two more children with the birth of their twins in September.  They continue to minister here in Tobermory with the congregation.